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Community Closure

Hey guys,

I'm really sorry about this, but I stopped using LJ  a while ago for personal reasons. I thought I'd deleted all the communities I maintain when I deleted my main journal joogie, but I just remembered that I hadn't done anything about this one and came back to see if I could do anything about it. Turns out that there isn't very much I can do because my managing journal is irrevocably dead and I don't think LJ has a policy on those situations. I know, it was amazingly stupid of me to do that before making sure I'd dealt with all my communities.

 So I'm really, really sorry, but I think the best solution is just to abandon this community and to make a new one where somebody who has more time than I do can maintain it. Besides, I think it's best that a community has somebody in charge of it with the ability to moderate in case anybody makes trouble (not that I expect that to happen with you lovely Three Investigator fans, but bad things can happen anywhere). I think that the username 3investigators is available if anybody wants to start that one up...

Again, muchly sorry. I'll put up a sign in the next post saying that the community is officially closed, and you guys can go off and have a lovely time in a new, properly maintained community. :)

Much love and much apologies,
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